Long brake from the blog, but short update

The summer has been colder than usual, but all in all we are happy about the results. The lambs are not as fat as they should have been coming down from the mountain, but we think we know why, and we are planning adjustments for NeXT year. Almost all the sheep came Down from the mountain! we had very few losses. No wolfe attack og bear attack. Just a few attacks from eagle. That is a good year in our books. All the lambs are now inside the barn and getting ready to be sendt off. This is the time that i really hate. Its no fun to see them be sendt off. But, I’m convinced that they have had a good life and that is a good feeling.
We are now really looking for People to help us. With one of us beeing away for work for a whole week at a time it is indeed very bussy for the one left at the farm with  two children and a whole load of animals to care for. We really hope that we can sort that out soon.